Rear Adm. Marshall Lytle Receives AACSB’s Inaugural Influential Leaders Award

Rear Admiral Marshall B. Lytle III

Rear Admiral Marshall B. Lytle III

NEW LONDON, Conn.—The United States Coast Guard Academy announces that AACSB International, the global accrediting body and membership association for business schools, has recognized Rear Adm. Marshall B. Lytle III, a 1981 graduate of the Coast Guard Academy, as one of the first 100 AACSB Influential Leaders. Lytle’s work exemplifies the innovative mindset and meaningful contributions to society that Coast Guard Academy graduates display around the world and every day.

Lytle serves as the Coast Guard’s Assistant Commandant for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology (C4IT) and Commander, Coast Guard Cyber Command. He is responsible for the management and oversight of all Coast Guard C4IT operational, business, and infrastructure assets as well as providing a safe, secure, and resilient cyber environment that allows for the execution of Coast Guard and marine operations.

Lytle has taken great strides in improving Coast Guard cyber security through his comprehensive Coast Guard cyber strategy, new programs he has implemented that improve the Coast Guard’s security posture, and improving the organization’s ability to securely share information with mission partners. These actions enable the unimpeded execution of operational missions that guard the nation and ensure public safety. To contribute to management education, Lytle not only serves on the Coast Guard Academy’s Board of Trustees, but is also an actively engaged member of the Management Advisory Committee. As a member of that body, Lytle serves to educate the Management Department and the Academy as a whole on contemporary management and business practices, resulting in a Management curriculum that is both theoretically grounded and meaningfully relevant to the field.

Lytle joins individuals such as the CEO of one of the world’s largest global relief services, a technology pioneer who is working to cure cancer, the founder of a global e-commerce powerhouse, and an enterprising president attributed with reviving an international toy industry favorite. More than 20 industry sectors, from consumer products to healthcare to nonprofits, across 21 countries, are present in this year’s group.

“It is my honor to recognize Rear Adm. Lytle for his contributions as an Influential Leader, and to thank the Coast Guard Academy for its dedication to providing a business education environment based on engagement, innovation, and impact,” said Thomas R. Robinson, president and chief executive officer of AACSB International. “If told, the success stories of all business school graduates would fill unmeasurable volumes. AACSB is honored to celebrate Rear Adm. Lytle—and the collective 100 Influential Leaders—as a representation of how business school alumni have positively influenced society, as well as the management education industry’s, past, present, and promising future.”

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