Rear Adm. Breckenridge assigned to Washington D.C.

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Adm. Breckenridge “has enthusiastically accepted this challenge, and looks forward to leading a seamless and organized transition,” Allen said in a statement sent to Coast Guard units across the nation.

Breckenridge, who received her second star in July, said she was surprised to get the call from Washington.

“Knowing where the commandant wants to go with (these changes), this is very humbling,” said Breckenridge, 54. “It’s a challenging, big new job, and I am very honored to have been asked to take it on.”

Observers say Breckenridge, one of a handful of female flag officers in the Coast Guard, has gained a reputation as a strong leader and decision maker during her 30 years as a commissioned officer.

She, her husband Paul and their children have lived in Coast Guard quarters at Hamilton Field for the past four years.

Scheduled to replace Breckenridge is Rear Adm. Craig Bone, a one-star rear admiral serving as the director of the Inspection & Compliance Directorate at Coast Guard headquarters in Washington.

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