PUBLIC NOTICE: Coast Guard receives proposal for bridge project near Lenore, ID

Seattle – All interested parties are notified that the Commander, 13th Coast Guard District has received an application from Nez Perce County, Idaho, requesting approval of location and plans for the replacement of a bridge over a navigable waterway of the United States.

WATERWAY AND LOCATION: Clearwater River, waterway mile 21.4, near Lenore, ID, at 46°30’55.68” N, 116°40’50.93” W.

CHARACTER OF WORK: Nez Perce County proposes to replace the existing bridge with a new bridge 75 feet upriver of the existing bridge, and after the new bridge construction is complete, the existing bridge will be removed. A temporary work bridge will be constructed between the existing and replacement bridge that will be used during the demolition of the existing Cherrylane Bridge, and construct the replacement bridge. The existing bridge is at the end of its life. Large vehicles have difficulty operating on the bridge’s single lane, and the bridge will have two traffic lanes.


Existing Proposed * Temporary
Horizontal: 234.4 feet 137.0 feet 50.0 feet

Normal to axis of channel

Vertical (above OHW): 18.0 feet 20.31 feet (center) 12.0 feet

18.0 feet (sides)

* The proposed vertical navigational clearance will be 20.31 feet at the center of the arched span, and will have a horizontal distance of 134 feet where 18.0 feet of vertical clearance is provided above the OHW. The minimum proposed vertical clearance will be at least 10.6 feet above the OHW between piers 2 and 3 which has a horizontal clearance 227 feet*.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS: The Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) is the lead federal agency, and has determined that the new bridge is a Categorical Exclusion (CE) for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) purposes. Therefore the USCG has issued a NEPA CE MFR (Memorandum for Record).


The complete public notice (numbered 01-20) including: a brief summary of project impacts, a map of the location, and plans for the proposed bridge can be viewed and printed from website or by calling, emailing, or mailing a request to the Coast Guard Bridge Administrator, Mr. Steven Fischer. Telephone 206-220-7282, email at or by mail at Commander (dpw), Thirteenth Coast Guard District, 910 2nd Avenue, Suite 3510, Seattle, WA or via email at Comments should be mailed to arrive on or before May 23, 2020. Comments received will be made part of the case record.

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