Preparing for Heavy Surf Along Puerto Rico’s North Coast

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The U.S. Coast Guard and the Puerto Rico Ports Authority are preparing for predicted 20-25 foot surf along Puerto Rico’s North coast, which is expected to arrive early Wednesday. This heavy surf, which is being created by a large low pressure in the North Atlantic Ocean, has the potential to significantly impact maritime commerce, recreational boaters, and the ferries that service Vieques and Culebra.

During an emergency meeting of the Harbor Safety and Security Committee held Tuesday at Coast Guard Sector San Juan’s La Puntilla facility, members of the Coast Guard, the Puerto Rico Ports Authority, San Juan Bay Pilots and representatives of numerous commercial vessel operators discussed this ‘once in 20- year event’ as described by the National Weather Service. The committee has developed a plan that maximizes safety and environmental protection, and to minimize the effects on Puerto Ricos economy.

Due to these large surf conditions, it may require the Coast Guard Captain of the Port to prohibit or restrict certain operations, any action taken is necessary to ensure the safety of the Puerto Rican public, its waters, the environment, and the ports infrastructure it relys on.

The boating public should pay special attention to the NWS for advisories and current sea conditions.

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