Port of New York and New Jersey open with restrictions

Northeast Atlantic Coast Guard NewsNEW YORK – The U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port, Capt. Gordon Loebl, has set Post Hurricane Condition YANKEE for the Port of New York and New Jersey, today.

Vessel movement is limited as follows:

  1. The Port of New York is closed to all recreational vessels south of the George Washington Bridge on the Hudson River, south of the Newark Bay Light “NB” on Newark Bay, west of the Throngs Neck Bridge on the East River, north of the South 36 Bridge on the Raritan River, and east of the Raritan River Railroad Bridge, until further notice.
  2. New York Waterway ferries are authorized to operate during daylight hours on the Hudson and East Rivers on routes pre-approved by the COTP.
  3. New York City Dept. of Environmental Protection Sludge vessels are authorized to operate on routes pre-approved by the COTP.

Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution when transiting restricted waters due to gusty winds, high seas, and aids to navigation possibly being off station and unreliable. VTS Measures may be enacted based upon current weather conditions.

As the port opens, agents are reminded to provide updates to the pilots and facilities to ensure the efficient entry of vessels.

Movement of vessels may be restricted until winds subside and aids to navigation, channel and waterway surveys have been completed.

As conditions improve and vessel transit restrictions are minimized all mariners should used caution and be prepared for delays due to reported debris. Vessels are requested to provide observations regarding observed weather conditions and location of debris fields. Vessel operators may provide the following information when reporting conditions observed to Vessel Traffic Service New York on VHF channel 11 or 13:

  1. Vessel name, current location, and destination
  2. Debris type, quantity, and location encountered
  3. Type and quantity of cargo carried

For more information about the port status, vist New York Homeport

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