Petty Officer Luckey Saves the Day

On Wednesday we reported on a Coast Guard Petty Officer that saved a young girl from a burning car in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Thanks to MyFox in Washington, DC, we now have more information, including a video report.

Just after 7 am Wednesday a speeding Chrysler hit a Nissan on Ordinance Road. The wreck pushed the Nissan and it’s two occupants, a mother and 6 year old daughter, into the path of a garbage truck. The impact caused the Nissan to catch fire.

Petty Office Lavelais Luckey was on the way to work at Curtis Bay when he came across the accident. Petty Officer Luckey jumped into action, first attempting to free the mother, but when he was unable to. Then, he heard a little girl in the back seat crying. After struggling to loosen her seatbelt, he was able to get the girl out of the car.

This isn’t the first time Luckey has been in the right place at the right time. In California, he rescued someone from inside a burning car and about six months ago he rescued another mother and daughter that were involved in a crash.

Here’s the video from MyFox. Please excuse the short advertisement at the beginning.

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