Petaluma Coast Guardsman wins Human Performance Technology Award

ALAMEDA, Calif. – A Petaluma Coast Guardsman has been selected as the 2009 Swaringen Award winner for Outstanding Mentorship in Human Performance Technology for the United States Coast Guard.

Chief Petty Officer David M. Padley, Performance Technologist United States Coast Guard Instructional Systems School in Petaluma, Calif. is the son of David and Barbara Padley, of Nashua, H.H. He graduated from Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, N.H. with a Master of Science degree.

The field of performance technology is characterized as looking for on-the-job performance deficiencies attributed to factors other than just a lack of skill and knowledge. The award was established in honor of the late Charles E. Swaringen Jr., advisor to the Commanding Officer, Aviation Technical Training Center Elizabeth City, N.C., and is hosted by the Coast Guard Performance Technology Center.

The Swaringen Award is given to the nominee that best exhibits the following traits: selfless devotion to helping and encouraging others to grow professionally; the ability to teach and coach others in the application of performance technology tools; promotes and uses innovative Human Performance Technology and training interventions, and encourages others to produce outstanding instructional products or performance interventions. Personal testimonials are also a key piece of the Swaringen Award submission.

Padley has built a well earned reputation as an enterprising and enthusiastic Human Performance Technologist while serving as the Coast Guard’s Instructional Systems School Course Chief at Training Center Petaluma, Petaluma, Calif. Padley was recognized for his mentoring and collaboration efforts across the chain of command, which includes officer, enlisted, civilian and contracted staff members.

Padley’s supervisor, Chief Warrant Officer Michelle Criste, Instructional Systems School Chief Training Center Petaluma, said Padley characterizes his work by confronting difficult issues while creating an environment with rich dialog and innovative solutions. As the lead analyst for the Instructional Professional Development Program, he used performance technology to create a system that increased qualified instructors three-fold and helped drive a 70% decrease in student disenrollment for academic reasons.

“He is patient, affirming and generous in his coaching and mentoring not only for the Course Design students and alumni, but also instructional technology professionals regardless of background or workforce,” said Paul S. Robbins, Deputy Director of Training for Curricula Training Division Training Center Petaluma.

“David has never failed to challenge me to learn more, engage more, listen more and quite simply to do more. The relationship between Training Center Yorktown and Training Center Petaluma has never been better from my perspective and that’s mostly due to the collaborative efforts of David,” said Jay R. White, Chief Performance Systems Branch, Training Center Yorktown.

The 2009 Swaringen Award winner was announced at the 9th annual Coast Guard Human Performance Technology workshop held in Williamsburg, Va. in front of a crowd of over 450 attending, representing the Coast Guard, Department of Defense, Canadian Armed Forces, academia and industry.

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