Oil Spill Responders Compete Water Cleanup, Efforts Shift to Beaches

SAN FRANCISCO- The Cosco Busan Incident Unified Command announced today that oil spill clean-up efforts have transitioned from on the water recovery to beach clean-up, pressure washing of seawalls and shore structures, and decontamination of some vessels and equipment used in the response.

Removal of visible oil has been completed for the following areas: Stinson Beach, RCA Beach, Agate, Kirby Cove, Fort Funston, Baker Beach, China Beach, Pier 1-39, Crissy Field, and Pacifica Pier.

Re-oiling is possible as wind and wave action can transport oil from impacted beaches to beaches that have already been cleaned. The unified command is monitoring beaches and is prepared to respond immediately if re-oiling occurs.

Removal of oil from the shorelines at beaches by trained volunteers and professional responders in San Francisco, Marin, Contra Costa, Alameda and San Mateo counties will continue in these areas: Angel Island, Ocean Beach, Brooks Island, Albany Beach, Berkley Marina, Radio Tower, Rodeo Beach, and Muir Beach.

A list of beaches where the public can assist in cleanup efforts without hazardous material training can also be found at www.uscgsanfrancisco.com.

A coordinator will be on-site to provide direction to the volunteers. Any volunteer who finds oiled material must report it to the coordinator on site.

The public is still urged to avoid areas and wildlife that are affected. Untrained volunteers can cause further damage to the environment and stress on the wildlife.

Concerned citizens should call (415) 701-2311 to report any sightings of oiled wildlife.

Members of the community without proper training should not attempt to collect the oil, since it needs to be disposed of properly to prevent broader contamination and re-introduction to the environment. In addition, exposure to the oil can be hazardous for your health.

The most recent information about the clean up is as follows:

  • Total personnel employed: 1399
  • Total gallons discharged: approx. 58,000
  • Total gallons oil recovered to date: approx. 16,974
  • Total gallons evaporated: approx. 4,060
  • Total birds captured: 888
  • Total dead birds: 830
  • Number beaches closed: 27
  • Number active skimmers: 1
  • Number of support vessels: 25
  • Number of volunteer fishing vessels (sheen cleanup): 20
  • Number shoreline cleanup teams: 16
  • Number of wildlife personnel: 169 (including 142 volunteers)
  • Feet of boom laid out: 27,500
  • Number of contracted aircraft: 2

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