Oil spill regulators respond to platform spill off the coast of Santa Barbara County

SANTA BARBARA, Calif — The California Department of Fish and Game Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR), the U.S. Coast Guard and DCOR, LLC are responding to an oil spill from a platform six miles off the coast of Santa Barbara County. The three entities have established a unified command to manage cleanup and recovery efforts. DCOR, LLC reported the spill from its Platform A yesterday after a finger-sized hole was found in an oil pump line four feet above the waterline.

DCOR reports that 1,134 gallons (27 barrels) of crude oil has been released into the water and 882 gallons (21 barrels) has been recovered by their oil spill response organization, Clean Seas. The source of the leak has been secured. A sheen approximately 1.5 miles in length remains on the water southeast of the platform. Its trajectory is being monitored.

DCOR, LLC made notification to oil spill regulators at 8 a.m. yesterday after discovering the sheen near the platform. The initial estimate was 30 gallons of high-gravity crude oil. DCOR conducted an over flight of the area shortly after discovering the sheen. At 6 a.m. this morning DCOR recalculated its initial estimate to 1,134 gallons and made follow-up notifications.

OSPR has deployed its field response team consisting of an environmental scientist, a warden and an oil spill prevention specialist. The Oiled Wildlife Care Network has been notified and has activated two search and recovery teams to conduct wildlife reconnaissance. OSPR conducted an over flight of the impacted area at 10 a.m. this morning. Responding agencies will continue to monitor the situation.

To report sightings of oiled wildlife, please call 877-UCD-OWCN (877-823-6926).

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