North Pacific Coast Guard Forum Video Compilation

SEATTLE – Over the past week, the members of the North Pacific Coast Guard Forum met in Seattle. The U.S. Coast Guard and its counterparts from Canada, China, Japan, Korea and Russia met to discuss topics related to drug trafficking, maritime security, fisheries enforcement and illegal migration as part of the North Pacific Coast Guard Forum Experts Meeting.

The North Pacific Coast Guard Forum was initiated in 2000 as a venue to foster cooperation through the sharing of information between the major countries bordering the North Pacific Ocean.

Agencies from the six countries meet semi-annually. The first session, called the experts meeting, is generally held in the spring. Here, the groundwork is done on ideas and recommendations that will be presented to each country’s civil maritime leaders in the fall.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Adam Eggers spent this week documenting the meetings, and the Coast Guard people who helped to ensure it’s success. This video is a compilation of his reports on the NPCGF and the events of the week.

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