Ninth Coast Guard District launches Citizen’s Action Network

According to the Official D13 Blog:

The Thirteenth Coast Guard District would like to extend a hearty welcome to the Ninth District for joining our Citizen’s Action Network family.

The Citizen’s Action Network has gone through many changes since it began as Coast Guard Group Seattle’s Eyes on the Sound in 1999, and continued through till September 2003. It was then re-named Northwest Watch and ran under that title from September 2003 through December 2005, at which time the Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police talked about a joint program operation with Citizens, and decided to change the name to the Citizen’s Action Network with hopes it would go National.

CAN currently partners with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and has had many success stories and been used to help with stolen boat cases, missing persons, weather confirmations and verification of the conditions of Aids to Navigation after storms.

The adopting of CAN by the Ninth District is another step that will help make CAN a nation wide program.

The mission statement of the Citizen’s Action Network is to:

Bring the full capability of the maritime community to bear on any problem.

Share ideas, concepts and opportunities amongst engaged and concerned citizens.

Utilize and share technological tools which enhance communication amongst and between all members of CAN.

Recruit all aspects of our rich maritime community to take an active part in the Coast Guard’s first citizen based social network ever.

Move the CAN concept into other government agencies thus heralding a new movement in post 9/11 government…one that works closely and respectfully with its citizens.

Build teamwork and trust to all working within the network.

So to the Ninth District and their CAN members we extend a hearty “Welcome to the family.”

No word from D9 about the news.

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