News Tip: Coast Guard Petty Officer Shot In Robbery Attempt

WCAU-TV 10 in Philadelphia reports

PHILADELPHIA — A Coast Guard petty officer is recovering after being shot Monday night in Philadelphia.

The officer and two other men were on their way home after finishing their shift at the Coast Guard Station in South Philadelphia.

“We need to stop the violence,” a man who only wanted to be identified as Kwame said.

Monday’s attacked nearly claimed the life of Kwame’s close friend, Coast Guard Petty Officer Wilson Fleming.

Fleming, Kwame and a third friend had just reached the steps of their Logan home at 18th and Sulis streets around 11 p.m. when four young men approached them menacingly, Kwame said.

“I think they were probably coming up there to rob us or something. And we caught on to it. Then the guy just reached under his shirt and started firing,” he said.

Fleming was hit before the friends ever made it inside.

“He got shot in his upper thigh severing his femoral artery. He’s there bleeding, bleeding to death. It was dark in the house cause we ran, we ran for cover in a dark area. And I, when I turned the light on, all I could see was just blood gushing from his leg,” Kwame said.

Neighbors told NBC 10 that the three men are very nice and really never bothered anyone. And that they, too, believed what happened was a failed robbery attempt.

Fleming was stabilized after surgery at Einstein Medical Center. His mother was en route there from Louisiana.

Kwame is a certified Emergency Medical Technician and applied pressure to Fleming’s badly injured leg until police and medics arrived Monday night.

His only concern was for Fleming to get better, and put back on his Coast Guard uniform.

“It happened to a good guy. Petty Officer Fleming, he’s from New Orleans. You know, worked, serving his country and worked serving the people of Philadelphia at the Sector Delaware Bay,” Kwame said.

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