New Coast Guard Recruiting Commercials – Born Ready

The Coast Guard rolled out its new recruiting commercials today.  There are two commercials, one focused on women, one focused on men.  The new recruiting slogan “Born Ready”

The new Born Ready campaign  is designed to attract applicants who are teamwork oriented, confident and embody the service’s core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty.

Version 1

Version 2

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  1. David Green says:

    Would like to see these posted on facebook

  2. Josh Price says:

    I was born to run into oncoming traffic? I was born to stand on rocks? (Is submitting a leave chit pushing paper?)

  3. Jim Clark says:

    Great videos for recent HS/COL grads – should be put onto Facebook, etc

  4. Jason Reed says:

    The 2 vids are amazing. Short, professional to the point. Emotional.

  5. Loraine Lopardo says:

    I would like more on the Coast Guard image at the end- so that a person would focus on the Coast Guard rather than the work to get there.