Multi-Agency Exercise in Humboldt County

McKinleyville, Calif. — On Friday, January 26th, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. the USCG Station Humboldt Bay, USCG Air Station Sacramento and USCG Air Staion Humboldt Bay will carry out a joint exercise at Arcata Airport and Humboldt State University.

The exercise at Arcata Airport will involve the fly-in of a USCG C-130 Turbo Prop Aircraft and the loading and unloading of USCG Station Humboldt Bay’s 25-foot Defender Class Safe Boat with trailer on to the C-130 Aircraft.

The 25-foot Defender Class Safe Boats were introduced into the Coast Guard Fleet starting in 2003. They are designed for search and rescue on coastal and inland waters of the U.S. and for harbor security in U.S. ports. These boats were specifically designed to fit into a C-130 cargo airplane to allow them to be transported quickly in the event of a major emergency from one location to another.

The exercise at Humboldt State University will involve an HH65 Dolphin helicopter conducting multiple approaches to the HSU soccer field, which was the chosen landing zone. The helicopter will be in direct contact with the Emergency Management Staff through the Incident Command Post.

Source: USCG D11 Public Affairs

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