Maritime Safety and Security Team Anchorage Host Corps of Foreign Naval Attaches

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Coast Guard Marine Safety and Security Team Anchorage hosted twenty-nine members of the Corps of Foreign Naval Attaches May 21, to observe training and tour the unit.

The Corps of Foreign Naval Attaches is comprised of officers from foreign countries, representing their governments at their countries’ embassies in Washington D.C., who travel around the country biennially to familiarize themselves with different U.S. military commands and missions. Additionally they are introduced to U.S. business, intellectual and cultural activities.

“These visitors are military professionals dedicated to protecting their own countries as we are dedicated to protecting ours,” said Lt. Cmdr. Troy Vest, commanding officer MSST Anchorage.

As part of their biennial visit the group visited the MSST. They were given a brief on the Coast Guard’s realignment of the Coast Guard’s six specialized force units into the Deployable Operations Group and the MSST’s specific abilities.

“Today’s visit is a small part in a larger effort to cooperate in mitigating those threats which jeopardize every country; such as terrorism, rogue nations, and international criminal organizations,” said Vest.

The attaches also observed a vessel training exercise in Cook Inlet at the Port of Anchorage. They particularly enjoyed climbing onboard a 25-foot RBS vessel on display and handling the unit’s various weapons.

The visits conducted by the attaches give them an opportunity to witness and compare training conducted by U.S. forces to their own. This allows them to integrate aspects of U.S. training that will benefit their own armed services.

“As these distinguished visitors see our professional and competent Coasties, they can relay to their own countries what they’ve seen and pave smooth roads for future interoperability,” said Vest.

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