Marine Safety Information Bulletin – Ports of Miami, Port Everglades, Palm Beach, Fort Pierce, Miami River

MIAMI – Effective 11:30 a.m. Monday, Hurricane Condition YANKEE (sustained Gale Force winds from a hurricane force storm are predicted within 24 hours) is set for the Ports of Miami, Port Everglades, West Palm Beach, Fort Pierce and the Miami River.

Drawbridges in the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and the Miami River within Miami-Dade County are expected to be locked in the down position by 3:00 p.m. Monday. Drawbridges in the ICW and the New River within Broward County are expected to be locked in the down position by 4:00 p.m. Monday. Once a bridge is locked, it will not be opened until bridge crews are able to return after the storm passes.

All mariners are reminded that there are no safe havens in Florida and the port is safest when the inventory of vessels is at a minimum. For planning purposes, all oceangoing vessel and barges over 500 gross tons will be required to depart Port of Miami and head out to sea when Hurricane Condition YANKEE is set. Inland vessels and barges over 500 gross tons are required to seek safe refuge in a port outside the Port of Miami.

Vessel movement will be restricted and allowed only on a case-by-case basis by approval of the Captain of the Port. All vessels expecting to conduct cargo operations during Condition YANKEE shall submit a Cargo Operations Plan to terminal owners for approval. All ship-to-shore operations must be completed six hours prior to the setting of Port Condition ZULU.

* Affected ports are closed to inbound traffic.

* Coast Guard Port Survey teams will conduct Port Condition YANKEE validation.

Tropical Storm Fay may develop into a stronger storm. All marine interests must take early and substantial action to ensure safety of the port and vessels. Future port conditions cannot be predicted with any degree of certainty, but provided the storm remains on the projected course and track, port stakeholders can expect the following progression of port conditions.

Sustained Gale Force winds from a hurricane force storm are predicted within 24 hours.

For additional information please call Coast Guard Sector Miami at 305-535-4472.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    The occurrence of various activities over the years here in Palm Beach County Florida at the Port of Palm Beach and equally if not more important would be off the shores of Palm Beach directly to private homes on the ocean in the town of Palm Beach there has been underwater submarine activity which I personally witnessed over the past (10 ) ten years with Captains of vessels and workmen that may in fact be the cause of a lot of the reef and ecological damage and water pollution. The comings and goings of the submarines caused a lot of fluids on the surface as well as creamy and milky subsurface and upon reflect it answers a lot of concerns.

    1. How does one test the waters for this sort of pollution?

    2. Does this happen in different locations in the world?

    3. How many submarines are there and what is their docking harbor?

    4. Are they registered with Federal-International and local for the immigration and various possible terrorists bombs are pollution?

    5. Is there such a thing as underwater submarine dock at ocean front homes on the planet earth?

    Thank you for any assistance regarding these matters in the different locations on the planet earth. Thank you.

    Stephen Brexel