Marine Board of Investigation into Katmai sinking to reconvene Wednesday

SEATTLE — The Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation will reconvene the Seattle portion of the investigation into the sinking of the fishing vessel Katmai Wednesday at 9 a.m. in room 3090 of the Jackson Federal Building. This hearing is open to the public.

The members of the board include: Cmdr. Malcolm McLellan, Lt. Scott White, and Lt. Mike Benson. All of the board members have extensive experience and training in marine safety, naval architecture and marine engineering.

The hearing is open to the public and the media but the proceedings will not be broadcast on television, radio or conference call. Still cameras are prohibited for the duration of the hearing. Cell phones are prohibited at all times. An official transcript will be made available. Audio recording devices will be allowed to document the proceedings.  Upon completion of the opening statements, a brief ten-minute question and answer opportunity will be available. Interviews with members of the board will be possible at recess and upon conclusion of the board.

The board will hear testimony from former crewmembers, rescuers and federal vessel examiners.

The hearing is scheduled to continue into Thursday.

The following links will assist in providing historical and contemporary information regarding the investigation:

Historical background for fishing vessel inspection process:

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