Marijuana remains illegal under federal law on Lake Champlain

BOSTON — The Coast Guard reminds boaters that despite the state’s legalization of marijuana in Vermont on July 1, the Coast Guard will enforce all federal laws within navigable U.S. water, regardless of location or intended use.

The Coast Guard’s enforcement posture toward marijuana will not change. Marijuana is a controlled substance and possession or use remains a federal offense under the controlled substances act (21 USC 801). As a federal law enforcement agency, Coast Guard crews will continue to take action to enforce all federal laws, including those relating to the transport, use and possession of marijuana.

The Coast Guard may conduct boardings on commercial and recreational vessels on international, federal, and state waterways while on patrol to ensure the safety and security of the boating community.

Operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs remains a significant threat to public safety. Operation Dry Water, the national campaign established to prevent boating under the influence, begins June 29 and will continue through July 4.

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