March 16th – Lincoln Memorial – 1500 – Be There

On Sunday, March 15th a group of veterans will complete a 16 day walk from the NC/SC line to the Lincoln Memorial. The purpose of their mission? To raise support for U.S. troops, the military leadership, their mission and the “Resolve to Win”.

This march is strictly to show support for our troops in Iraq. It’s not political, nor is it to support any particular party. This is an endorsement of General Petraeus’s leadership and the skill, talent and sacrifice of our Troops to win in Iraq. Our troops need to know we remember them, by showing our Patriotism, that we care and support them and that they are, and will not be, forgotten now or later.

The effort “Resolve to Win” is being co-chaired by the American Legion from Virginia and the VFW from North Carolina. In addition it has gained the support of the Gathering of Eagles, Eagles UP, Patriot Guard, Rolling Thunder and the Combat Infantry Association amongst others.

Visit their blog at: or google “resolve to win” to find out more about this heroic endeavor, and what you can do to show your support as they enter the final days of the walk.

As any Coast Guardsman who is paying attention knows, the Coast Guard is deeply involved in the war on terror. If you are in the DC area, it would be great if you would show our Resolve to Win by being at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday to show your support for our brothers in arms.

Thanks to Peter Stinson of An Unofficial Coast Guard Blog for bringing this to my attention.

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