Man arrested for Boating Under the Influence in Virginia

PORTSMOUTH, Va. – A Station Milford-Haven boat crew put a man in handcuffs early Sunday morning for Boating Under the Influence and being belligerent near Gloucester Point, Va.

The boat crew boarded the personal craft with seven adults and one child aboard at about 10 p.m. Saturday night and found the operator to have a blood alcohol content of .195.

They proceeded to Gloucester Point boat ramp where a Gloucester Sheriff placed the man under arrest for BUI, Boating While Intoxicated and obstructing justice.

“Alot of people think Boating Under the Influence isn’t taken seriously, but it is treated just like a DUI,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Damian Brown, the boarding officer from the Station Milford-Haven boat crew. “They need to observe the legal drinking limit while underway and should watch how much they drink regardless of whether or not they think they will be caught.”

Below are some facts about Boating Under the Influence:

• A boat operator is likely to become impaired more quickly than a driver, drink for drink.
• The penalties for BUI can include large fines, revocation of operator privileges and serious jail terms.
• The use of alcohol is involved in about a third of all recreational boating fatalities.

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