Loss of Coast Guard Aircraft 6017

Posted from ADM Papp’s All Hands e-mail of 7/7/2010:

It is with deep regret and sadness that I report the crash of CG6017 today along the coast near La Push, WA. CG6017, flown by a four person crew from Air Station Sitka, was in transit from Astoria, Oregon, to Sitka, Alaska. A multi-agency search and rescue effort located the four crewmembers; one was severely injured and three were deceased.
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  1. lisa moletzsky says:

    It is with deepest sadness that I have found out about this crash today. I am the mother of Jake Moletzsky, from the CG1705 that crashed in October, 2009 off San Clemente Island.It is so unbelievable to comprehend that this has happened once more. May their souls be at peace and join their brothers and sister whom we lost not long ago. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and the rest of our Coast Guard Family. We pray for the quick recovery of the surviving crew member.

  2. Michelle says:

    Gone yet not forgotten although we are apart. Your spirit lives within me forever in my heart. All my prayers goes out to the families who lost their loved ones and a speedy recovery to those injured. May the winds be at your back and the salt air be in your face, and the warmth of the sun be atop of you!

  3. Diane says:

    Praise God for these men and women who dare to risk their lives so that we, as citizens of the United States, can continue our lives undisturbed by the madness and evil of the world. God bless the families of these four individuals and give them peace in their time of sorrow. God bless you families!

  4. Lisa, I didn’t know your son, Jake. However, I knew of one of the members of the 1705 crew and attended the memorial in Sacramento. Please know that as time passes, we continue to mourn your son’s loss and those of all of his shipmates. Painfully, today, we now mourn the loss of three more. I can only imagine how difficult it has been on your family, and can only thank you for your family’s sacrifice and offer you the assurance that they will never leave our hearts or prayers.

  5. ENS Mark Whyte says:

    Lisa, I knew Jason (Jake) personally. We met back in Miami when I was an airman and he, a fresh AMT on then HU-25 Falcon. He was a great friend and co-worker who never hesitated to give a helping hand. Unfortunately I was not able to make it to his memorial, but he will always be missed. Unfortunately more family members are now forced to live without their loved ones. As a community/family we can only support the ones that need it, and as professionals we have to find a way to mitigate the possibilities of this happening again. My prayers are with you and all the families that’s lost a loved one doing what they love. Fair winds and following seas.

  6. Michele says:

    My cousin was first on the scene. My heart goes out to the families (especially the children), friends and fellow Coasties of the perished. I also know this must be a difficult time for the survivor and his family.

  7. Kate says:

    I had a Family Member on the 1705 flight, So I understand completely the feeling that families are currently enduring. Many thoughts and prayers go out to all of you and may be you be strong and find a way to get through this. I agree “Gone but Never Forgotten” Their love will always be with you! God Bless!