Jury finds Coast Guardsman not guilty of rape but guilty of committing adultery

Miami — Coast Guard Petty Officer First Class Sheldon J. Bond, 33, was found not guilty on three specifications (counts) of violating Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 120 – Sexual Assault, but was found guilty of violating one specification under Article 134 – Adultery, Wednesday evening after more than three hours of jury deliberations.

Thursday, Bond was sentenced to no punishment for committing adultery. Sentencing took place after a four day trial at the Coast Guard 7th District Headquarters in Miami. The seven member jury was comprised of three Coast Guard officers and four enlisted members.

The court martial followed a four-month Coast Guard investigation, which revealed that Bond, the sole member charged in the case, allegedly engaged in sexually related misconduct involving a prior enlisted member of the Air Force who is now a civilian.

The reported incident occurred at a private residence in Lexington, South Carolina, in October of 2010. The investigation began in March 2013 after the Air Force Office of Special Investigations notified the Coast Guard of the allegations.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice is a Federal statute that covers many crimes contained in civilian criminal statutes, in addition to other military-specific offenses such as failure to obey an order, desertion, etc. Additional information about the UCMJ and the military justice system can be found at: http://ift.tt/NdwvIt.

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