Joint Navy-Coast Guard Security Squadron Deploys to Mideast

SAN DIEGO – About 340 Navy and Coast Guard personnel from the Navy’s Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron ONE (MSRON ONE) will deploy today to the Middle East to provide seaward surveillance and security forces in amphibious areas and harbors, and military significant coastal and inshore areas in Iraq and Kuwait.

MSRON ONE embodies the 13th detachment of Maritime Expeditionary Security Forces that have been deployed to the 5th Fleet area of operations since the war began.

They will be joining 75 personnel who deployed earlier in November. The remaining members of the detachment are set to deploy in the next few months. Once the remaining members arrive in theater they will total 450 personnel.

MSRON ONE will continue the mission of providing harbor defense and port security to Kuwaiti and Iraqi seaward approaches and waterways to include manning Iraqi Oil Platforms, and providing force protection and escort services to designated assets transiting chokepoints and in ports.

MSRON ONE commanded by Capt. Luke McCollum, is comprised of MSRON ONE, USCG Port Security Unit 311, Long Beach, Ca.; Communications Division 52, Communications Detachment 521, and Sensor Detachment 522, San Diego; Boat Division 56 and Boat Detachment 562, Seal Beach, Ca.; Boat Detachment 932, Portland, Oregon; and Security Detachment 331, San Antonio, Texas.

MSRON ONE is part of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, a global force provider of adaptive force packages of expeditionary capabilities to joint warfighting commanders.

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