Joint Boarding of Fish Processor Reveals Clean Ship

JUNEAU, Alaska – The Coast Guard and Customs and Boarder Patrol (CBP) conducted a joint boarding on the fish processing vessel Pribilof in Sitka Sound yesterday. They found that the 204ft vessel, operated by Trident Seafoods, complied with all applicable federal safety and worker documentation requirements.

The Coast Guard scrutinized the vessel’s compliance with regulations designed to protect the safety of the crew and the environment. Coast Guard members also assisted CBP with examining the crewmembers’ documentation. Of the 48 people on board, 23 were United States citizens; all 25 of the foreign workers possessed proper immigration and employment credentials. The boarding team commended the master, Captain Lance Cronquist, for maintaining such an excellent operation.

Members of the federal team included law enforcement officers from Coast Guard Sector Juneau and the Coast Guard Cutter Liberty, as well as one Juneau-based CBP agent. The joint boarding represented an opportunity for members of each service to learn more about one another’s responsibilities and methods, building a stronger working relationship. “I learned just how good CBP is at getting the job done despite challenges such as having half the crew busy processing fish,” said LT Scott Pierce, Sector Juneau’s Chief of Law Enforcement.

The Seattle-based Pribilof is participating in the ongoing Sitka Sound Herring Sac Roe Opener.

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