Coast Guard looks to sonar technology as Patriot investigation continues

BOSTON – The Coast Guard continues its investigation today into the Jan. 3, 2009 sinking of the Gloucester, Mass.-based fishing vessel Patriot.

Sector Boston investigators have teamed with Massachusetts State Police to use sonar technology to confirm the Patriot’s exact position and how the vessel is oriented on the ocean floor to learn more about what caused the 54-foot stern trawler to go down suddenly Jan 3, 2009.

Investigators also coordinated with Coast Guard sectors San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Houston, Texas, to locate and interview three additional crewmembers aboard a tug and barge believed to have been in the vicinity of the Patriot’s last known position at the time of the casualty.

Further, a National Transportation and Safety Board metallurgist will inspect the cable used to tow the barge for signs of damage.

In addition to the marine casualty investigation, the Coast Guard continues its internal case study of the response.

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