Houston/Galveston Captain of the Port Begins Port Re-opening Process

HOUSTON – The Houston Ship Channel currently remains closed, but the Captain of the Port has commenced the re-opening process. The port community faces six primary post-storm response phase tasks:

1. Search and rescue
2. Immediate relief for personnel who have catastrophic loss
3. Initial damage assessment
4. Restoration of operational capability
5. Establishing an emergency logistics system as necessary to support relief operations
6. Maintenance of command, control and communication functions

The post-storm response phase and subsequent process of re-opening the port will be managed by the Port Coordination Team at Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston. The Captain of the Port anticipates setting Port Condition Recovery once conditions allow and damage assessment surveys will begin at that time. Once the surveys are complete, port restrictions will be eased as conditions allow.

* Ships Waiting to Enter Port: 22

* Ships Waiting to Depart Port: 04

For more information concerning the specifics of the port re-opening process, please visit the Homeport website.

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