Honolulu-based U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis to return home after Alaskan patrol

HONOLULU — The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis is scheduled to return to its homeport here Wednesday after a six-month patrol.

The crew of the Jarvis, a 378-foot High Endurance Cutter, with a crew of approximately 170, began a northern patrol near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands in early January. The crew completed 11 fisheries boardings and responded to several calls for assistance in the Bering Sea.

The cutter’s crew made port calls in Alaska and Seattle to refuel and purchase supplies.

The Jarvis transited in March to a dry dock facility in San Francisco. During a three-month period, the cutter’s hull and deck were painted, spaces were renewed, structural steel was replaced, and preventive maintenance was performed on the ship’s machinery. The dry dock period was extended by four weeks to ensure all critical work could be completed. Sea trials revealed that additional work was needed on the hydraulic systems that control the propellers, delaying the ship’s transit to Honolulu.

“It is just great to get this hard-working crew back home to Hawaii after an arduous six months away from homeport,” said Capt. Aaron Davenport, the commanding officer of the Jarvis.

The crew began its 2,000-mile trip to Honolulu Thursday.

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