Hawaii Superferry Completes Safe Transit

MAUI – Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies reported a safe transit of the Hawaii Superferry, Alakai, to Kahului Harbor this morning.

Local, state and federal officials provided personnel to ensure safety in Kahului Harbor and enforce a security zone. No incidents or arrests affiliated with the Alakai’s transit were reported.

“We’re pleased the Alakai was able to transit safely and securely into Kahului Harbor, and I thank our partner agencies for their cooperation and professionalism onshore and in the harbor,” said Capt. Vince Atkins, Captain of the Port, Honolulu. “More importantly, I appreciate the cooperation and support of the citizens of Maui during the Alakai’s transit to Kahului Harbor.”

State Department of Transportation harbor officials said conditions at Kahului Harbor were near ideal during the Alakai’s mooring.

Maui Police Department personnel reported no major problems, incidents or major traffic issues at the harbor entrance of Kaahumanu and Puunene avenues this morning while vehicles disembarked the ferry; department personnel reported 200-300 demonstrators at the intersection. All of the demonstrators remained civil and no arrests were made.

“Today gave us an example of Maui’s ability to deal with a contentious issue while remaining civil. This has been quite a challenge to our island and I’m grateful for everyone’s efforts to comply with the law and respect our law enforcement personnel who had to deal with a difficult situation,” said Mayor Charmaine Tavares. “I have faith and hope that our community will continue to conduct itself in a manner that best represents our island.”

All members of the unified command would like to thank the public for their understanding and cooperation today.

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