Handheld radio assists Coast Guard in rescue of kite surfer

SAN FRANCISCO – The Coast Guard rescued a kite surfer from underneath a pier on the San Francisco waterfront, yesterday evening.

The kite surfer used a handheld radio to contact the Coast Guard at approximately 6:00 p.m. last night after losing his kite board and being swept underneath a pier.

The Coast Guard immediately launched assets from Station Golden Gate and the San Francisco Fire Department. Once on scene, the kite surfer was able to direct responders to his location via his handheld radio. Responders were able to quickly locate and rescue the distressed kite surfer.

The use of a handheld radio greatly assisted in the rapid recovery of the kite surfer.

The Coast Guard encourages all mariners to maintain a properly working VHF-radio onboard their vessel or person at all times. Handheld VHF-radios are available at all marine stores and could prove invaluable during a possible search and rescue case. Any mariner that finds themselves in distress should contact the Coast Guard on VHF Channel 16.

The Coast Guard reminds all mariners that Channel 16 is an emergency frequency and should be used for such. Misuse of Channel 16 or broadcasting false distress calls can result in prison time, severe fines and you could be liable for any costs incurred as a result of search efforts.

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