Hampton Fuel Leak Cleanup Update

HAMPTON, Va. – Coast Guard and IMS Environmental crews worked together to recover approximately 100 gallons of diesel fuel that leaked from an underground pipe that services the Salt Ponds Marina in Hampton Friday.

The remaining 100 gallons of fuel from Thursday’s 200 gallon spill is non-recoverable and is expected dissipate in the following days. As a precaution, the remaining fuel in both tanks will be removed during repairs to prevent further spillage.

Harbor booms deployed by the hazardous material teams of Hampton and Newport News Fire Department continue to contain the spill.

“As the tide shifts, we are finding more small pockets of recoverable fuel,” said Chief Petty Officer Angela Vallier, Coast Guard Sector Hampton Road Response Department. “There has been good coordination between the Hampton and Newport News Fire Departments, Coast Guard, and the staff of the Salt Ponds Marina in containing and recovering the fuel as quickly and as safe as possible.”

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