Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Update

Marine Safety Unit Morgan CityNEW ORLEANS — The Coast Guard, Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator’s Office and Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners are working together to clean up oil that has made landfall in the Grand Isle area.

The Coast Guard notified Anglo-Suisse, yesterday, that preliminary sample results suggest a possible match between samples taken from the shores of Elmer Island and those taken from the West Delta 117, which is an Anglo-Suisse owned well.

Further testing is ongoing.

Anglo-Suisse has agreed to cooperate with the Coast Guard and aid in the clean up response pending any contradictory results from the sample testing.

“We do not believe the spill along the coast is the result of our operations, however, when the Coast Guard informed us that this might be the case, the responsible thing to do was mobilize,” said John Sherwood, CEO of Anglo-Suisse.

Currently, an estimated one-quarter to one-half mile of shoreline, in all areas combined, has been affected by patches of oil.

The Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Scientific Support Coordinator confirmed there was no oil at or in the vicinity of West Delta 117 site. The overflight searched east of Grand Isle to the eastern end of Timbalier Island and 12 miles offshore, still finding no oil.

Assets currently being used in the clean up and recovery operations include:

  • Approximately 8,400 feet of containment boom has been deployed to prevent damage to environmentally sensitive areas;
  • Four MARKO Skimmers are currently underway;
  • Ten barge boats;
  • Four drum skimmers.

“We welcome Anglo-Suisse to the Unified Command and applaud their desire to ensure assets and resources are allocated appropriately as the response efforts continue in and around the Grand Isle area,” said Capt. Jonathan Burton, FOSC for the response.

Other assisting and cooperating agencies currently engaged in the clean up and recovery operations include:

  • Department of Public Safety;
  • Grand Isle Fire Department;
  • Louisiana National Guard;
  • U.S. Wildlife and Fisheries.

Both the Coast Guard and Anglo-Suisse are investigating the cause of the incident.

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