Gallatin Crew Paints Colombian School

CARTAGENA, Columbia — Crewmembers of the Coast Guard Cutter Gallatin, Columbian coast guard and navy joined together to paint Santa Maria Grade School the Daniel Lemaitre District in Cartagena May 9.

The seven room school, built around a central square used for outdoor activities, was in dire need of a coat of paint. The group united to improve the school’s appearance by quickly setting out to work with supplies provided by the States Agency for International Development, and they finished the interior and exterior in just four hours.

“Most members of the Coast Guard join to help others. Normally we do so at sea. On this occasion, we had a wonderful opportunity to help out the children of the Daniel Lemaitre District which provided a real highlight to our visit of the historic city of Cartagena,” said Capt. Andrew White, commanding officer of the Coast Guard Cutter Gallatin.

The crew of the Gallatin continued their patrol to enforce U.S. and international laws after completing their work on the school house.

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