Fuel Recovery Plan for Fishing Vessel Grounded off Pigeon Point

SAN FRANCISCO, Calf. – The Coast Guard Sector San Francisco is working with Parker Diving to establish a plan to remove the diesel fuel from the commercial fishing vessel LOU DENNY WAYNE following its grounding this morning one mile south of Pigeon Point. Parker Diving was hired by the Coast Guard due to the fact that the amount of fuel on board the LOU DENNY WAYNE is a substantial threat to the environment. The vessel owner estimated up to 600 gallons of diesel fuel was on board the vessel at the time of the incident.The initial plan includes pumping the fuel from the tanks using transfer hoses up the 100 foot cliff to pumps and barrels and a diver going on board the LOU DENNY WAYNE and attaching the transfer hose to the fuel tanks. The stability of the LOU DENNY WAYNE needs to be established prior to the diver going on board. The current weather conditions and tidal cycle are being constantly monitored as safety of the personnel is paramount. The response to this incident is a coordinated effort between the Coast Guard, Parker Diving, ship’s owner, and the Office of Spill Prevention and Response operated by California Department of Fish and Game.

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