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This Day in Coast Guard History:

1934 – Surfboats and lifeboats from Coast Guard stations Shark River, Squan Beach, Sandy Hook and others responded to a deadly fire aboard the liner Morro Castle, rescuing 129 survivors.  Cutters Tampa and Cahoone also responded.  After failing to get the Morro Castle under tow due to the worsening weather, they recovered as many victims from the water as they could.  All told over 250 Coast Guardsmen participated in the rescue and recovery effort.  Eventually this maritime disaster led to a Senate investigation and subsequent changes in maritime safety regulations.

1953 – When the Panamanian SS Eugenia grounded as a result of the heavy weather generated off Cape Cod by Hurricane Carol, the Cape Cod Lifeboat Station removed 13 survivors by breeches buoy and 4 by the station’s DUKW, an amphibious surface craft.


So you want to be a Coast Guard officer? – Coast Guard All Hands blog

 You’ve come to the right place! Officers in the Coast Guard are leaders, mentors and stewards in the execution of our 11 missions. Immediately upon commissioning, Coast Guard officers are placed into positions of responsibility and are expected to become proficient leaders in their areas of specialty, act courageously and use initiative to resolve a variety of issues. Each fiscal year, Coast Guard Recruiting Command offers 12 commissioning programs to bring competent leaders and specialists into the officer corps.

What you didn’t know about our Staff: The Regimental Officer – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

Meet Lt. Cmdr.Scott Rae, the regimental officer of Training Center Cape May. He helps supervise and mentor our future Coast Guardsman.  He is also heavily involved in community outreach as well.  You may have recently read a Compass article that mentions a project he ran at the local Cape May Elementary School. Rae leads many of our educational outreach efforts as the Partnership In Education coordinator. However, there’s a side of Rae that many people don’t know.

The Hercules is the Coast Guard's largest airframe, with a range that allows it to stay at a search area for long hours. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Auxiliarist Drew Herman. Shipmate of the Week: LT Andrew Paszkiewicz – Coast Guard Compass blog

Herc. Herkybird. Hercules. There are many names for the HC-130 aircraft, but regardless of what you call it this mainstay of the Coast Guard’s air fleet continues to excel at mission execution.

Since 1958, when the service first ordered the now-retired HC-130B model, aircrews aboard the Hercules have saved lives, safeguarded living marine resources, supported Coast Guard mobility and interdicted smugglers. But there’s one Coast Guardsman who is taking his expertise from protecting our nation’s coasts inland – to Little Rock Air Force Base to be exact.

Learning the life flow of America’s main arteries – Coast Guard Heartland blog On a Tuesday morning in Louisville, Ky., about 20 dark-blue uniformed people make their way into a basement conference room in the Romano L. Mazzoli Federal building. Bleary-eyed and waiting for their coffee to kick in, they sit patiently behind tables for a class to begin. These men and women attended the 8th Coast Guard District’s annual Western Rivers Orientation class.


USCG Recognizes Two New Orleans-Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots for Actions During Hurricane Isaac –

NEW ORLEANS, LA – One year after Hurricane Isaac scattered more than a hundred ships and vessels in the Lower Mississippi River, the United States Coast Guard honored two New Orleans-Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots (NOBRA) for their fearless actions in braving gale force winds and a storm surge to rescue several crippled vessels and their crews and prevent further casualties from the Category One storm, announced Captain Michael E. Rooney, NOBRA president.

Royal Caribbean appoints retired Coast Guard Admiral as Senior V-P Marine Operations – Marine Link

Cruise line, Royal Caribbean International (RCI) has appointed Rear Admiral William D. Baumgartner, U.S. Coast Guard, Retired, as the cruise line’s Senior Vice President of Marine Operations.



In this training video captured by a helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Savannah, Ga., instructors in two law enforcement vessels from the Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Academy work together to gain control of a mock non-compliant vessel (shown in the lead) ignoring commands and operating erratically in the Wando River in Charleston Thursday, Aug. 22.

The Non Compliant Vessel Pursuit course at the MLE Academy offers students a unique opportunity to test their skills in gaining compliance and decreasing criminal activity on waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

U.S. Coast Guard video

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