From the Bridge Wing 8-27-2013

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This Day in Coast Guard History:

1942 – Coast Guard Cutter Mojave rescued 293 men from the torpedoed transport SS Chatham in the Strait of Belle Isle.

1999 – A boarding team from Coast Guard Cutter Munro discovered 172 illegal Chinese migrants aboard the fishing vessel Chih Yung off the coast of Mexico.

2008 – Coast Guard Cutter Dallas, while deployed as part of the U.S. Navy’s 6th Fleet, delivered 76,000 pounds of humanitarian relief supplies as part of  “Operation Assured Delivery” to the port of Bat’umi, Georgia after that country was attacked by Russia. Semper Nostra Optima


Proficiency: it’s the name of the game – Coast Guard Heartland blog

The last time I’d schedule a visit Coast Guard Station Freeport the visit had been rained out. Weeks of planning went down the drain as I drove into work, listening to the area weather forecast over the radio. When I finally made it into my office I reschedule my visit for the following week, giving me something to look forward to. There has been a lot of attention focused on Station Freeport over the summer. Four people had gone missing in the same hazardous waterway over a 30-day period. The resulting search efforts saw the crews of the station conducting extensive sweeps of the San Luis Pass area on top of their usual volume of cases.

“Alerting” the Coast Guard – Coast Guard All Hands blog

Scenario: There has been a report of an active shooter at the car dealership across the street from a Coast Guard sector building. Minute 1 – CO: “Deputy, based on the events unfolding we need you to notify the crew of this situation. Have the command center send out the active shooter alert to all devices – work phone, cell phone, work email, personal email. Let me know when the entire crew has been notified and when all members have responded to the alert.”

The commissioning of Paul Clark – Coast Guard Compass blog

It was 1942 during the allied assault on French Morocco. Fireman 1st Class Paul Leaman Clark was a landing boat engineer attached to the USS Joseph T. Dickman supervising the unloading of soldiers and supplies from the transports on the beach.

Early into the assault, Clark was unloading a transport when his boat was battered with machinegun fire; the bowman was mortally wounded and the coxswain was severely injured. Despite the perilous conditions, Clark took control of the boat and withdrew from the beach with the injured crewmember aboard.



CNN Presents -Coast Guard Rescue swimmers – CNN reports on what it takes to earn the coveted Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer patch.

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