From the Bridge Wing 8-22-2013

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This Day in Coast Guard History:

1816 – The Revenue Cutter Active, under the command of Revenue Captain Steven White and acting under orders of the Collector at Baltimore, took possession of the Spanish brig Servia, recently departed from Baltimore, which was anchored in the Patuxent River.  The Servia had been captured by an American privateer and Active was ordered to arrest the Servia and return it to Baltimore for examination.

1944 – The Liberty ship SS Alexander V. Frazer, named for the “first” commandant of the Revenue Cutter Service, was launched.

1994 – The Coast Guard Cutter Polar Sea and the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Louis S. Ste Laurent became the first “North American surface ships” to reach the North Pole.  An HH-65A from Aviation Training Center Mobile, detached to the Polar Sea, became the first U.S. (and also Coast Guard) helicopter to reach the pole as well.


Bravo zulu, VADM Brian Salerno! – Coast Guard All Hands blog Coast Guard

All Hands sends out a bravo zulu to retired Vice Adm. Brian Salerno on his selection as the next director of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. The former Coast Guard deputy commandant for operations will take the helm at BSEE on Monday.

Recruit Journal Sierra 188 Week: 02 – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog (here’s the whole post)

“Our second divine hours ended two long difficult weeks of training. Ninety percent of our experience so far has been getting screamed at, pushing the deck and running around like chickens with our heads cut off. The entire day after our short break was nothing short of miserable as the incentive training kicked in hard. It seems like some of us are starting to get it and pull together while others are not, tomorrow begins week 03, WE ARE READY!”

Artist’s sketchbook: Who’s who – Coast Guard Compass blog

Crewmembers aboard Coast Guard Cutter Healy are currently supporting scientific research in the dynamic waters of the north on their Arctic West Summer 2013 deployment. As watchstsanders and scientists alike collaborate to collect vital scientific data, they are joined by artist Bob Selby.  So far you’ve seen what it takes to get underway, the ship’s routine and even the Board of Lies. For this edition of the sketchbook, we’re sharing the faces behind the mission.

Recruit Journal Quebec-188 Week: 04 – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

Today was intense. Last night the company did not meet various time objectives given by our Company Commanders, we paid for it from the time Divine hours ended until taps. We played a lot of “games”, including running around the parade field aligning our boots, heel to toe. That was just the beginning, it was non-stop chaos and sweat for hours and hours.

Station Channel Islands Harbor commemorates the Coast Guard’s 223rd birthday – Coast Guard Pacific Southwest blog

Two hundred twenty-three years ago this month, the U.S Coast Guard was born. What began as, “a few armed vessels, judiciously stationed at the entrances of our ports,” grew into what we know today as the Coast Guard.


U.S. Coast Guard, DEA Partners with the RBPF to Conduct Search and Rescue and Maritime Exercises on Grand Bahama –

Freeport, Bahamas – U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Cutter Cormorant, an 87 foot coastal patrol boat based out of Ft. Pierce, Florida, visited Freeport this past weekend to participate in two international exchanges between the United States and The Bahamas.


Yesterday we learned how to warm up before exercising, today physical training instructors at Training Center Cape May, N.J., demonstrate a Recovery Routine, which is critical to cool and stretch soft tissue after completing rigorous physical training. More than 30 percent of Coast Guard recruits at Training Center Cape May will suffer a minor injury during basic training, which most likely will result in rephasal or reversion to later weeks of training, and many of these injuries can be related to a lack of physical readiness by applicants.

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