From the Bridge Wing 8-15-2013

Bridge Wing

This Day in Coast Guard History:

1914 – At the request of the Secretary of the Department of Commerce, Congress extended the Sponge Fishing Act and directed its enforcement to the Revenue Cutter Service on the request of the Secretary of Commerce.
1943 – Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasion of Vella La Vella, Solomon Islands.
1944 – Coast Guardsmen participated in the invasion of Southern France.


In the community: So others may learn – Coast Guard All Hands blog

Members of U.S. Coast Guard Intelligence Coordination Center took some time out on Saturday to assist the Extraordinary League of Gentlemen in making sure disadvantanged youth on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore had new bookbags and supplies heading into the school year.

Recruit Company Oscar 188 Week: 05 – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

Today was a crazy struggle for Oscar-188. We basically tripped during a full run and couldn’t get back up. But to no one’s fault but our own.

Our Section Commander spent the morning with us as well as the company commander school. Pretty much just using our company to practice things like our track/quad runs and marching. Not to leave out the part that it was constantly nerve racking having our Section Commander there.

Artist’s sketchbook: Board of lies – Coast Guard Compass blog

Crewmembers aboard Coast Guard Cutter Healy are currently supporting scientific research in the dynamic waters of the north on their Arctic West Summer 2013 deployment. As watchstsanders and scientists alike collaborate to collect vital scientific data, they are joined by artist Bob Selby.

Last week we shared the simple moments aboard Healy as crew and scientists alike settled into routine. This week “Artist’s sketchbook” continues with a peek into life in the ship’s engine control room and the deployment of “The Rosette.”

General Information:

Please Remain Seated: Sobriety Tests For Boaters Now Designed For On-The-Water Checks – Medical Daily

Since 2003, an average of 124 deaths occurs annually in the U.S. as a result of alcohol-related boating accidents. The Coast Guard has instituted a plan to reduce the overall death toll by five percent by 2016, taking careful measures in how it enforces boating laws.

The new laws start with increasing awareness and effectiveness among the states in how they handle cases of BUI. Thirty-eight states have begun using a seated sobriety test developed for marine officers, which allows the officers to approach a boat suspected of BUI and perform the test on-location. Previously, officers would direct the boat to shore and perform the test on the dock.

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