From the Bridge Wing 8-14-2013

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This Day in Coast Guard History

1848– Congress appropriated $10,000 for life saving stations and apparatus between Sandy Hook and Egg Harbor; the first funds to be expended under supervision of Revenue Cutter Service. $5000 appropriated in 1847 for saving life from shore was turned over to Collector of Customs at Boston to acquire boathouses and equipment on Cape Cod for Massachusetts Human Society.


Life of a service dog: Finding my veteran partner – Coast Guard Compass blog

Veterans Moving Forward provides veterans with therapy and service dogs. Among the dogs they are raising to help veterans cope with various injuries has been an assistance dog in training that is near and dear to our hearts. His name is Nathan, in memory of Petty Officer 3rd Class Nathan Bruckenthal. On August 4, Veterans Moving Forward announced service dog Nathan’s permanent placement with a veteran.

Compass has shared Nathan’s journey from birth, through his puppy “years” and his final stages of training in our series “Life of a Service Dog.” This young golden retriever has grown from a clumsy puppy to a focused service animal ready to serve our nation’s veterans. We hope you enjoy this final edition of Nathan’s story.

What is Physical Fitness Hold? – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

All recruits will be required to pass a basic physical fitness assessment in order to form with their company in their first week of training. If a recruit fails to pass, he or she will be placed in Physical Fitness Hold for no more than 28 days until the recruit can pass the fitness assessment.

Bravo Zulu, LCDR Katiuska Pabon! – Coast Guard All Hands blog

Coast Guard All Hands sends out a bravo zulu to Lt. Cmdr. Katiuska Pabon, a civilian Port Security Specialist for Sector Miami and a Reserve officer assigned to Base Miami Beach. Pabon was named the 2013 National Image Meritorious Service Award winner for demonstrating exceptional leadership skills, resourcefulness and intiative in the recognition of Hispanic American contributions to the service and the promotion of diversity and equal opportunity within the Coast Guard.

Recruit Company Quebec 188 Week: 03 – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

We finally made it to the end of week 02! According to the stress index guide in our Coast Guard Helmsman, the worst is behind us. Not everything around here goes by the book, so we will not be letting our guards down.

General Information:

UAVs in the U.S. Coast Guard – Defense Update News

This spring with the aid of a small, unmanned drone more than half a ton of cocaine was confiscated — signaling the first time the U.S. Coast Guard deployed an unmanned aerial system from a cutter in a drug interdiction.

The service has put the ScanEagle through two weeks of trials at sea in May and has high hopes for the future: rolling out a small UAS across its national security cutter fleet, starting in fiscal 2017. The trial aboard the cutter Bertholf, conducted off the western coast of Central America, was used to assess how unmanned vehicles operate with Coast Guard cutters.

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