From the Bridge Wing 8-10-2013

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This Day in Coast Guard History

  • 1971-President Richard Nixon signed Federal Boat Safety Act of 1971, considered to be the most significant legislation in the long history of federal action in this field. The new act repealed most of the Federal Boating Act of 1958 and amended the Motorboat Act of 1940.
  • 1990-The Military Sealift Command began loading equipment and supplies from the Garden City Port in Savannah, Georgia, to support Allied operations during Operation Desert Shield. Coast Guard units, including reservists called-up specifically for this operation, maintained security zones and ensured the safe loading of the vessels.
  • 1993-Three vessels collided at the entrance to Tampa Bay, Florida. The collision, with an explosion that shook Tampa Bay and shot a fireball hundreds of feet into the air, involved the tug Seafarer, pushing its 546-foot barge Ocean 255, which was laden with 235,000 barrels of petroleum products; the tug Fred Bouchard and its barge, B-155, which carried 122,000 barrels of oil; and the 357-foot Philippine-registered freighter Balsa 37, which was carrying 6,000 metric tons of phosphate material. Small boats from ATON Team St. Petersburg and Stations Cortez, Sand Key and St. Petersburg, CGCs Decisive, Point Steele, Sitkinak and Vise, aircraft from AIRSTA Clearwater and a crew from MSO Tampa responded. More than 300 Coast Guardsmen in total responded to battle the fire, oversee the cleanup, salvage and lightering operations. A Marine Board of Investigation convened to investigate the accident. There were no deaths or major injuries.

CGSUPRT: Health and wellness coaching – Coast Guard All Hands blog

Did you know that CGSUPRT can partner you with a health and wellness coach? A health and wellness coach can help you:

Shipmate of the Week – AUX Don Goff – Coast Guard Compass blog

Lt. Col. Don Goff retired from the U.S. Army Reserve with more than 27 years of combined service in the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy; you’d think he’d want to take a break. But taking a break was not in the future for Don Goff.

Recruit Journal Mike 188 Week: 07 – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

Day 01 of week 07 was a pretty unique experience for Mike-188. All of us recruits can feel the mounting pressure of being a senior company on base. We also began our first challenge of many more to follow from Master Chief Berry.

Coast Guard’s 223rd birthday! Why you should care– Coast Guard Heartland blog

The Coast Guard turned 223-years-old on Aug. 4, 2013, and really, who cares? It’s not an especially monumental milestone in the grand scheme of things. To figure out why it’s important, let’s jump in the “Wayback Machine” with Mr. Peabody and find out.

Week in the life of the Coast Guard: Friday – Coast Guard Compass

It’s Friday but a Week in the Life of the Coast Guard continues! Friday’s action includes helicopter training, a visit to Juneau, Alaska, from the Polar Star and the disruption of a maritime smuggling attempt off the coast of California.

Recruit Journal Papa 188 Week: 03 – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

Sunday’s are quickly becoming a company favorite. Every Sunday every company gets from 0800 to 1300 to do whatever they’d like. This is called ‘Divine Hours’. It’s not a free for all where TRACEN turns into Cancun during spring break by any means. Instead recruits are given the time to attend protestant or catholic services at the on- base chapel, or be bussed off base for other services. The other option is to spend the entire time in the squad bay catching up on everything you missed the week prior and preparing for what’s coming next.

Sunset Boat Ops off Morro Bay – A Coast Guard 47-foot motor lifeboat operating in the waters off of Morro Bay, Calif.

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