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Today in Coast Guard History

1897 – Rescue from drowning Chicago. Illinois, Lake Michigan: at 9: 30 p.m. the north patrol saw a man run across the driveway and jump into the lake with suicidal intent. The surf knocked him down and was tossing him about when surfmen rushed in and hauled him out.

2001 – Six U.S. Navy Cyclone-Class patrol coastal warships were assigned to Operation Noble Eagle on 5 November 2001. This was the first time since World War II that U.S. Navy ships were employed jointly with the U.S. Coast Guard to help protect our nation’s coastline, ports and waterways.


Preserving our history – Coast Guard Compass blog

Surrounded by turquoise waters and nestled in a corner of Key West, Fla., the 327-foot Coast Guard Cutter Ingham proudly displays the service’s colors and is a reminder of the rich history of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Whiskey 188 Recruit Journal: Week 07  – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

Our routine changed up a bit this week and all our meals are about 90 minutes to 02 hours later than usual, with the same wake up time of 0530. It’s tougher because, we workout now, first thing, for a couple hours, then eat breakfast. Today was so long and we all felt it. I’ve never seen our whole company so tired before. Even standing in class, people couldn’t keep their eyes open. It was basically impossible to stay awake at all today unless we were eating. Maybe all the sugar on Saturday just finally hit us.

World War II combat diary of J.J. McAndrews: Limeys and Jerries and Frogs, Oh Boy! – Coast Guard Great Lakes blog

The Great Lakes Coast Guard is sharing the story of Petty Officer 3rd Class J.J. McAndrews on his journey across the Atlantic Ocean into the Mediterranean Sea for the invasion of Italy, then to the shores of Normandy for D-Day, in our five-week series “World War II combat diary of J.J. McAndrews.” This series comes from the day-to-day diary written by the boatswain’s mate while aboard a landing ship during the war.

A small station with a big impact – Coast Guard Mid Atlantic blog

Ocean City, Md., is a quaint town on the state’s eastern shore, which is a popular tourist destination for the region during summer months. Beginning around May the town’s population increases almost as rapidly as the humidity levels rise as vacationers flock to the destination town to spend time on the beach, boardwalk and in and on the water.

Recruit Journal Alfa 189: Week 02 – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

We in Alfa Company met each other in the Philadelphia Airport. We all arrived at the USO at different times of the day all jittery, tired, and nervous. We all ended up spending most of our time making small talk and getting to know each other. There was a lot of testing each other on our eleven general orders. Boy, were some of us not ready. After a pep talk from a retired coast guardsman, we all boarded the bus now extremely nervous. One shipmate kept calling out our time of arrival to our impending doom. As we near, a shipmate said a prayer that we all needed. Religious or not, it was appreciated.

Honoring those who serve – Coast Guard All Hands blog

A week from today, America will honor those who have worn the uniform in service to our country as we commemorate Veterans Day.

Coast Guard units across the nation will hold events to honor living veterans as well as remember those who have crossed the bar.


Coast Guard publishes proposed policy on moving frack wastewater by barge – New Pittsburh Courier

The U.S. Coast Guard, which regulates the country’s waterways, will allow shale gas companies to ship fracking wastewater on the nation’s rivers and lakes under a proposed policy published Wednesday.
The Coast Guard began studying the issue nearly two years ago at the request of its Pittsburgh office, which had inquiries from companies transporting Marcellus Shale wastewater.


John Aldridge, a lobsterman out of Montauk, N.Y., recalls his fight for survival after falling overboard his vessel the morning of July 24, 2013.

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