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Today in Coast Guard History

1808 – Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin requested 12 new cutters at a cost of $120,000 to enforce “laws which prohibit exportation and restrain importations” to support the embargo ordered by President Thomas Jefferson. President Jefferson had ordered an embargo against most European imports and exports to protest the harassment of U.S. sailors by warring European powers. The embargo did not work. The United States went to war with England in 1812 but the Revenue Marine got the new cutters.

1877 – The first annual report of the U.S. Lifesaving Service was submitted in published form to the Secretary of the Treasury.

1969 – The German freighter Nordmeer ran aground on the Thunder Bay Shoal in Lake Huron. Most of her crew safely evacuated to a nearby ship but eight crewmen remained on board to attempt to save their vessel. The weather quickly deteriorated, however, and they radioed for assistance. A Coast Guard helicopter and the icebreaker Mackinaw responded and safely evacuated the eight men while the freighter broke up.
Note: Yesterdays From the Bridge Wing included the November 30 Today in Coast Guard History. Therefore, we are publishing the Nov 29 history today.


Get fit: Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test – Coast Guard All Hands

In my experience the Coast Guard aligns most commonly with the U.S. Marine Corps. We are both small services that believe in empowering our people and maintain an overall level of pride and morale amongst our people. Based on these similarities I am privileged to have created positive relationships with both officer and enlisted Marines in my office.

Thanksgiving response on the Mississippi – Coast Guard Heartland

While most of America was enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with their families, members of the Coast Guard were in an unlikely place, Le Claire, Iowa, though it was exactly where they needed to be.

Following the sinking of a 144-foot towboat, Coast Guard members from all over the nation put their turkey-day plans aside and sprang into action. Responding to a potential 100,000-gallon petroleum spill, members from Sector Upper Mississippi River, Marine Safety Detachment Quad Cities, The Gulf and Atlantic Strike Teams and the Public Information Assist Team answered the call to prevent this large amount of oil from affecting the pristine Mississippi River and the Le Claire waterfront.

Shipmate of the Week: BMC Jay McChesney – Coast Guard Compass

Coast Guard reservists are required to serve one weekend a month and two weeks a year. One New Jersey-based reservist is devoted to saving lives, in and out of military uniform.

Chief Petty Officer Jay McChesney, a reservist from Coast Guard Station Manasquan Inlet, N.J., is a qualified coxswain and a registered nurse.


Boston Coast Guard Base Receives Good Neighbor Recognition Award – North End Waterfront

The Good Neighbor Recognition Award for November 2013 was awarded to the U.S. Coast Guard Base on Commercial Street by the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA).


LCDR Plankey vs Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test
A Coast Guard LCDR takes up the challenge from the Marines to endure the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test.

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