From the Bridge Wing 11-15-13

In memory of BM3 Greg Morris, BM3 Ray Erb, SN Albin Erickson

BM3 Greg Morris, BM3 Ray Erb, SN Albin Erickson

Today in Coast Guard History

1860 – The light in the massive stone Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse, which was built on the original site of the one lost in 1851, was exhibited. Work on the new lighthouse commenced in 1855 and finished in 1860. “It ranks, by the engineering difficulties surrounding its erection and by the skill and science shown in the details of its construction, among the chief of the great sea-rock lighthouses of the world.”

1977 – Coast Guard UTB-41332 from Station Cape Disappointment capsized in the Columbia River during a night training exercise. The UTB sank after the current swept it past the Columbia River Lightship. Three Coast Guardsmen were killed in the accident: BM3 Greg Morris, BM3 Ray Erb and SN Albin Erickson.


Recruiting cadets from within our ranks – Coast Guard All Hands

Each fall, the Coast Guard Academy welcomes a select group of junior enlisted members for the Academy Enlisted Selection Opportunity Program, also known as AESOP. The program is designed to expose highly-qualified young men and women to the possibility of attending the academy and upon graduation, become commissioned officers in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Recruit Journal Xray 188 Week: 07 – Coast Guard Boot Camp

Today Xray had a slight bounce back from yesterday’s craziness. Xray along with our sister company Yankee had a mandatory fire fighting class. We got the chance to go over all the terms in fire fighting, the different fire types, and how to identify them, as well as the multiple fire extinguishing options and the proper gear to wear during a fire.

Petty Officer Thompson just built our anticipation over two hours for what is to come tomorrow. Tuesday, we get the chance to adorn the gear and learn how to wear it properly. Wednesday, Xray will be fighting an actual fire. Of course it is contained and under supervision but none the less, we get to be a fire fighter for one day.

A steely salute to America’s heroes – Coast Guard Heartland

U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Pittsburgh proudly took part alongside Coast Guard Cutter Osage’s crewmembers in honoring America’s heroes by marching in Pittsburgh’s annual Veterans’ Day Parade Monday.

This year marked the 94th year that Pittsburgh has held a parade to honor veterans, which included the area’s Coast Guard active duty and Auxiliary members, as well as veterans from other branches of the armed forces as far back as the Korean War.

Danger and Dungeness – Coast Guard Compass

Kitchens all along the Pacific are heating up their pots, pans and ovens for a November culinary classic. Unlike most of the country, it isn’t turkey they are readying for. It’s crab. Dungeness crab.

California’s commercial Dungeness crab season is scheduled to begin at midnight tonight for the central coast, from Avila-Morro Bay to the mouth of the Russian River, and December 1 for the northern coast, from the Russian River to the Oregon border.

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