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Today in Coast Guard History

1984 – The tanker Puerto Rican exploded outside of San Francisco Bay. Coast Guard units responded.

1991 – During an extremely severe winter storm Coast Guard Cutter Tamaroa rescued four of five Air National Guard crewmen from an ANG H-60 that had ditched south of Long Island due to fuel exhaustion (the fifth crewman, a pararescue jumper, was never found). Tamaroa had been attempting to rescue the crew of the sailing vessel Satori the previous day (the three on board Satori were rescued safely by HH-3F) when the cutter was diverted to assist the Air National Guard air crew. Tamaroa was awarded the Coast Guard Unit Commendation and the events were chronicled in the best-selling book and movie “The Perfect Storm.”

1999 – Egypt Air Flight 990 crashed about 60 miles southeast of Nantucket. Coast Guard units, including the Coast Guard Cutter Monomoy,Coast Guard Cutter Spencer, Coast Guard Cutter Reliance,Coast Guard Cutter Bainbridge Island,Coast Guard Cutter Juniper,Coast Guard Cutter Point Highland,Coast Guard Cutter Hammerhead, a HC-130 from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City and an HH-60 from Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod searched unsuccessfully for any survivors. All 217 persons on board were killed in the crash. Coast Guard units then assisted in the recovery effort.


How does Coast Guard Cyber Security keep our everyday systems operating safely? – Coast Guard All Hands blog

The increased use of computing devices and networks has provided us the ability to communicate, analyze and share data more efficiently, but also provides an increased opportunity for exploitation. When critical government systems experience outages, reduced performance or data loss due to attacks, compromises or other intentional criminal acts, the affects can have serious consequences. These affects can range from minor inconveniences to life-endangering scenarios depending on the system and use.

During a recent congressional hearing, Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. warned Congress that a major cyber attack could cripple our country’s infrastructure and economy, and suggested that such an attack poses a greater overall threat to the United States than a physical attack by any global terrorist network.

Chasing a dream – Coast Guard Compass blog

What did you want to be when you were a kid? For children, dreams and ideas for their adult profession can stretch beyond imagination. As those children continue to grow, sometimes those dreams and ideas change and they end up following other life paths.


US Coast Guard recovers body of missing Filipino oil worker in Gulf of Mexico – Inquirer Global Nation

Search and rescue crews of the United States Coast Guard recovered Tuesday the body of a missing Filipino oil worker who accidentally fell off an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. said on Wednesday.

Inside the Coast Guard’s Rescue Swimming School – Men’s Journal

A man bobs alone in storm-tossed waters, exhausted, struggling to keep his head above the waves. The surface is a froth of wind and rain, and waves break over him. Thunder splits the air, and below it, a deeper sound: the staccato thud of chopper blades. A roaring rotor flattens the water, spraying droplets at his face that sting like BBs. He shouts weakly for help. A U.S. Coast Guard airman stands in an open door 15 feet above the waves, in wetsuit, fins, snorkel, and rescue harness. He plunges in and strikes out toward the drowning man, grabbing him from behind and towing him in a cross-chest carry, kicking hard with his fins.

Just then, the man panics. He flails around, knocking off his rescuer’s mask and wrapping his head in a bear hug, trying desperately to climb out of the water. Both men vanish below the waves. After several seconds, the rescue swimmer surfaces, looking about frantically, his mask and snorkel gone. He’s broken free, but he’s lost his victim. A piercing whistle blows, and the howling wind and rain stop as if on cue. At the push of a button, the thunder stops, the waves slosh down to stillness, and the house lights come up on the U.S. Coast Guard’s cavernous new $30 million Rescue Swimmer Training Facility, in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.


Surfmen from Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light, N.J., discuss what it takes to be a member of the small community of specialized heavy weather boat handlers. Chief Warrant Officer Jay Greiner, Chief Petty Officer Arnold Head, Petty Officer 1st Class James Corbisiero, and Petty Officer 1st Class Jared Meloro offer their perspectives on what qualities it takes to become a surfman in the Coast Guard.
U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 1st Class Nick Ameen and Petty Officer 3rd Class Cynthia Oldham

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