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Today in Coast Guard History

1956 – Coast Guard Cutter Chincoteague, manning Ocean Station Delta in the North Atlantic, received a distress message that the German freighter Helgs Bolten was taking on water and wished to abandon ship as soon as possible. After reaching the scene some hours later, the cutter found that the high winds and 25-foot seas made it impossible to launch lifeboats. Two inflatable lifeboats, therefore, were passed by shot line to the freighter, and the 33 crewmen aboard were removed to the cutter unharmed. Chincoteague then stood by the drifting vessel for seven days, while commercial tugs made salvage attempts. All of the survivors returned on board the cutter to Norfolk, Virginia, while a tug towed Helg Bolten to the Azores.

1991 – Coast Guard Cutter Tamaroa attempted to rescue the three persons on board the disabled sailing vessel Satori 75 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard during a severe winter storm. Tamaroa launched an RHI which was damaged by the tossing Satori as it drew near the sailing vessel but a Coast Guard HH-3F, CG-1493, also participating in the rescue, hoisted the the three on board Satori and the RHI’s crew to safety. Tamaroa was then diverted to rescue the crew of a downed Air National Guard H-60.


Coast Guard units encouraged to participate in 50th anniversary commemoration of the Vietnam War – Coast Guard All Hands blog

In the decade between 1965 and 1975, Coast Guard 82-foot patrol boats, buoy tenders, high endurance cutters, pilots and land-based personnel supported efforts in the Vietnam War. The capabilities and resources the Coast Guard took to that theater stemmed from the service’s rich history and continue to this day. These missions included maintaining aids to navigation, performing replenishment at sea, maintaining port security, boarding and inspecting vessels, aerospace rescue and recovery and much more. Throughout the Coast Guard’s service in Vietnam, our Coast Guardsmen consistently adhered to the service’s core values of honor, respect and devotion to duty.

Winter Fitness 101 – Coast Guard Alaska blog

Alaska isn’t known for doing winter halfway. Days get shorter, the snow gets deep and temperatures plummet. Setting up camp in a toasty living room in front of the television can start to sound really nice. Not so fast, though.

Anyone willing to shrug off climate control’s siren call is likely to find a variety of winter fitness activities that are uniquely Alaskan.

Zulu 188 Recruit Journal: Week 03 – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

Progress was the theme of the week for Zulu company. Now that we’ve gotten used to our lifestyle here in Cape May we have started to build upon it. We aren’t the “new kids” at boot camp anymore and the company is finally starting to become more squared away.

Olivia Hooker: A SPAR’s Story –  Coast Guard Compass blog

Her living room boasts of an accomplished life; books, pictures and knickknacks line two walls. The lace curtains are drawn, letting in just enough sunlight to reveal stacks of papers in one corner; a few boxes in another. Some might see clutter and mess, but those who truly know her see a lifetime of achievements and memories.


A year after Sandy, Bounty rescue highlights courage of Coast Guard – Fox News Blog

Superstorm Sandy’s devastation on shore was unprecedented, but Sandy also created a tragedy at sea that would become one of the most puzzling aspects of the disaster — the loss of a wooden sailing ship that had bizarrely sailed straight into the storm.


A rescue swimmer from U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Diego is lowered from an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter down to a cliff at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton during training, Oct., 24, 2013. The training helps keep the aircrews proficient in the event they are needed to rescue someone from a cliff side.
U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 1st Class Henry Dunphy.

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