From the Bridge Wing 10-20-2013

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This Day in Coast Guard History:

1892 – After ten years of difficult and costly construction, the St. George Reef Lighthouse, built on a rock lying six miles off the northern coast of California, midway between Capes Mendocino and Bianco, was first lit.

1920 – The Superintendent of the 5th Lighthouse District inspected the aids to navigation “in New River Inlet and Bogue Sound, North Carolina by hydroplane in two hours, which would have required at least four days by other means of travel, owning to the inaccessibility of the aids inspected.”

1944 – Allied landings on Leyte, Philippine Islands commenced. Many Coast Guard units participated in the landings, which marked the the fulfillment of General Douglas MacArthur’s promise to the Filipino people that he would return to liberate them from the Japanese.

1950 – President Harry S. Truman issued an executive order “activating” the Magnuson Act, which had been passed by Congress earlier that month. This act, authorizing the president to invoke the Espionage Act of 1917, tasked the Coast Guard once again with the port security mission.

1978 – The Coast Guard Cutter Cuyahoga sank after colliding with M/V Santa Cruz II near the mouth of the Potomac River. Eleven Coast Guard crewmen were killed.


Coast Guard Cutter Liberty crew performs extensive engine maintenance – Coast Guard Alaska blog

Not a bit of space is wasted in the cramped engine room of an Island-Class Patrol Boat. The two main diesel engines take up the majority of the compartment, but other pieces of machinery, pipes and wiring intrude from all sides. A vent fan reaches down from the ceiling, almost touching the starboard engine.

The Coast Guard Cutter Liberty engineering department crowds the narrow passage between the cutter’s two engines. One of the crewmembers sits atop the engine they are working on, operating a chain fall to lift a weighty cylinder head.

Shipmate of the Week – SN Cody Reed – Coast Guard Compass blog

Coast Guard members display various awards, ribbons and badges they have earned throughout their careers upon their chests. From pilot wings to marine safety pins, the insignia worn on a uniform can tell you a lot about a servicemember’s career. One member, though early in his career, has something rare on his Coast Guard uniform – the coveted Army Air Assault Badge.



Siemens to help Coast Guard base use less energy – Electric Light & Power

The U.S. Coast Guard awarded a $5.3 million task order to Siemens to install and implement energy efficiency upgrades at the U.S. Coast Guard Base in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

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