From the Bridge Wing 10-17-2013

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This Day in Coast Guard History:

1814 -The crew of United Stats Revenue Cutter Eagle, which had been driven ashore near Negros Head, New York in an encounter with the British brig HMS Dispatch, dragged the cutter’s guns up a bluff in an effort to continue the battle. The New York Evening Post gave an account of what happened next to the out-gunned cutter and its crew:

“During the engagement between the Cutter EAGLE and the enemy, the following took place which is worthy of notice. Having expended all the wadding of the four-pounders on the hill, during the warmest of the firing, several of the crew volunteered and went on board the cutter to obtain more. At this moment the masts were shot away, when the brave volunteers erected a flag upon her stern; this was soon shot away, but was immediately replaced by a heroic tar, amidst the cheers of his undaunted comrades, which was returned by a whole broadside from the enemy. When the crew of the Cutter had expended all their large shot and fixed ammunition, they tore up the log book to make cartridges and returned the enemy’s small shot which lodged in the hull. The Cutter was armed with only 6 guns, 4 four-pounders and 2 twos with plenty of muskets and about 50 men. The enemy being gone and provisions scarce the volunteers from this city left Captain Lee and his crew and arrived here on Thursday evening the 13th instant, in a sloop from Long Island. . .We have since learned that Captain Lee succeeded in getting off the Cutter and was about to remove her to a place of safety when the enemy returned and took possession of her. She was greatly injured, but it is expected that the enemy will be able to refit her to annoy us in the sound.”

1989 – An earthquake registering 7.1 on the Richter Scale hit Northern California, killing 67 people. Coast Guard units assisted state and local agencies in rescue and relief operations.


Coast Guard and Royal Navy interdict $16 million worth of contraband – Coast Guard Compass blog

What happens when the U.S. Coast Guard partners with the Royal Navy? An estimated wholesale value of $16 million worth of drugs never made it on the streets.

The interdiction of 2,155 pounds of marijuana and 420 kilograms of cocaine stemmed from two separate interdictions near San Andres, Colombia. The first interdiction involved the Royal Navy warship HMS Lancaster with a U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment Team aboard.

Whiskey 188 Recruit Journal: Week 05 – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

Today was just one of those days where absolutely nothing went particularly well. Almost all of us we’re standing up in class, we were so tired; our marching was off, and it included a lot of incentive training that makes us feel like crazy people.

Uniform 188 Recruit Journal: Week 07 – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

Week 07 definitely presented a turning point in recruit training for Uniform-188. We spent a lot of our time this week making arrangements for travel and speaking with our sponsors to learn information about our units and making a plan of action for when we first arrive. We also spent a lot of time getting to know our company commanders as real people, which gave all of us a piece of mind and made recruit training way more enjoyable.


Coast Guard veteran remembers day his ship captured German trawler off coast of Greenland – Akron Beacon Journal Online

Larry “Toots” Debevec easily can cover a table in his apartment with newspaper clippings and old Coast Guard photos from the moment he and his crew became American heroes.

The faded articles with bold headlines recall an important moment in the history of World War II in which he and his shipmates on the USS Eastwind captured the German trawler Externsteine, taking 17 prisoners on Oct. 15, 1944

Harbor Drones Will Help Coast Guard Collect Data In Marine Disasters – Huffington Post

When the U.S. Coast Guard petitioned for unmanned assistance in disaster situations, a new generation of drone was born. The UPSV, or Unmanned Port Security Vessel, is a cross between the sleek, aerial drones we’re all used to and the remote control boats that young boys race in park ponds.

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