From the Bridge Wing 10-16-2013

Bridge Wing

This Day in Coast Guard History:

1790 – A contract was signed for the construction of the “first” of the 10 revenue cutters, Massachusetts, at Newburyport, Massachusetts.

1952 – A Merchant Marine Detail was established at Yokohama, Japan to handle increased merchant marine problems occurring there as a result of the Korean Conflict.

1956 –  Coast Guard Cutter Pontchartrain, on Ocean Station November, rescued the passengers and crew of Pan American Clipper Flight 943 after the clipper ditched between Honolulu and San Francisco.

1992 – Coast Guard Cutter Storis became the first foreign military ship to visit the Russian port of Petropavlosk since the Crimean War. During the goodwill visit, Storis conducted joint operations with the Russian icebreaker Volga.


Suspension of Coast Guard mass transit benefits – Coast Guard All Hands blog

Rear Adm. Stephen P. Metruck, assistant commandant for Resources & chief financial officer, has announced the suspension of mass transit benefits until Fiscal Year 2014 appropriations are made available to the Coast Guard.

Foul Weather Feats – Coast Guard Compass blog

Fast-moving storms blew through parts of the Eastern Seaboard last week, whipping maritime communities with heavy rain and high winds. True to form for Coast Guard men and women, the foul weather was no match for the perseverance of Coast Guard crews.

Yankee 188 Recruit Journal: Week 03 – Coast Guard Boot Camp blog

aturday of week 02 deserves the title the ‘Never Ending Day.’ Yankee-188 started the day dark and early once again. Our Lead Company Commander, Petty Officer Garver, informed us that today was a new training day. As long as we worked to meet all of our goals it would be a good day for us. We started off by meeting all the time objectives set out for us and generally being on point. As the day progressed however, we rapidly started to lose our composure. Every time we received 03 strikes we earned ourselves a remedial or incentive training session to fix our mistakes. The first remedial of the day was a fun exercise pertaining to the slashing of our zeroes. “I’m slashing my zeroes! I’m slashing my zeroes! I’m slashing my zeroes!” rang out from the quarterdeck as we all faced the bulkhead and slashed zeroes on a piece of paper.

Civilian pay information during FY 2014 fiscal hiatus – Coast Guard All Hands blog

On 1 October 2013, based on the lack of a Fiscal Year 2014 funding appropriation, civilian employees serving in non-exempt functions were contacted by supervisors and issued written furlough notifications. Some civilian employees remained to perform functions exempt from furlough.

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