Fishing vessel Raidawn towed safely to Cordova

VALDEZ, Alaska — Coast Guard personnel oversaw the successful relocation of the 49-foot fishing tender Raidawn to Cordova Tuesday following an intentional grounding in Main Bay in Prince William Sound.

A visual inspection of the Raidawn by Coast Guard response personnel found a 12 inch by 4 inch fracture on the left side of the hull in the vicinity of the engine room. Alaska Marine Response successfully removed 3,400 gallons of diesel and 580 gallons of gasoline from the vessel and applied a temporary soft patch to the fracture. AMR towed the Raidawn to Cordova for permanent repairs Tuesday afternoon, with approval from the Captain of the Port Prince William Sound.

Coast Guard Sector Anchorage watchstanders received a distress call Monday at 12:23 a.m. when the Raidawn crew reported they were taking on water after striking a rock in Main Bay. Five minutes later, the 49-foot stern trawler Bipolar arrived on scene, took the Raidawn into tow, and intentionally grounded the vessel to prevent its total loss and mitigate the risk of a pollution incident. Both Raidawn crewmembers were safely transferred off the vessel and no injuries were reported.

The Coast Guard investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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