Fishing boat capsizes near Tillamook Bay

SEATTLE – Elliot Herder, a Coast Guard Auxiliary member from Rockaway Beach, Ore., was rescued by Good Samaritan, Tom Lions, after his boat capsized near Tillamook Bay, Ore., at 9:25 a.m. today.

The 20-foot fishing vessel Outlaw was near the south jetty when rough waters caused the boat to capsize, throwing Herder into the water.

Lions witnessed the capsizing from his nearby pleasure craft and quickly came to the rescue.

Herder was wearing a life jacket.

The Outlaw later grounded near the south jetty and was reported to have approximately 16 gallons of gasoline aboard at the time it capsized. There have been no reports of pollution in the water. The boat’s owner is working on salvaging the vessel.

The Coast Guard reminds boaters that lifejackets greatly increase the chance of survival during a maritime accident. Sixty-four percent of the people who died in 2005 in Northwest boating accidents were not wearing lifejackets. Eight out of nine people in Washington State that died in 2005 boating accidents drowned without having a lifejacket.

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