First phase of the Aleutian Islands Risk Assessment completed

Coast Guard District 17 NewsJUNEAU, Alaska – An advisory panel of experts and stakeholders has been meeting for more than two years to develop recommendations on how to make marine transportation safer in waters around the Aleutian Islands.

The project is in response to recent marine casualties in the area and is being funded through a federal court settlement following the grounding of the motor vessel Selendang Ayu in 2004. The project is being jointly managed by the Coast Guard, State of Alaska, and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Phase A of the project was recently concluded and includes a summary report made up of six technical studies as well as the recommendations from the advisory panel. The technical studies include an examination of vessel traffic in the Aleutians and development of a risk matrix to analyze the potential consequences of spills.

The advisory panel’s recommendations will be presented to federal, state and local jurisdictions for evaluation. Federal and state agencies, along with local government, will review the recommendations and evaluate which measures merit further consideration. Some of the measures are recommended for immediate implementation, while others will require additional study in the second and final phase of the risk assessment, Phase B, which began in August.

For the Phase A Summary Report and more information about the risk assessment, please visit the Aleutian Islands Risk Assessment website at:

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